QR Edge Pants YTH

QR Edge Pants YTH

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  • COVERT TAPER FIT| Tailored pro fit to follow natural skating posture. The minimalist form fitting style allows you to remain quick and agile on the ice.
  • ADJUSTABLE LEG EXTENSION| Fit versatility for the growing player or the player looking for more finite adjustment. A zippered gusset allows for 1” leg extension.
  • ANYFLEX KIDNEY AND SPINE PROTECTION| The lower pant is separated from the upper molded AxyFlex spine and kidneys with a floating internal belt. This allows the spine and kidney protection to move with you as you skate and pivot in play.
  • MINIMUS OUTER SHELL| A mix of premium denier nylon weaves focused on lightweight, durability, and stretch
  • WARTECH FNC LINER| Powered by Polygiene so you are always cool, dry and odor free- the very best pants stay Fresh and Clean